In early November, I was contacted about a Blue Great Dane, an o/s as the home was having a baby, said she was aggressive to other dogs as she was protective of kids and, the shelter Vet physical assessment indicated that she possibly has a blown cruciate. She was said to be quite skittish with men and, preferred women. Homes having children are one of the top reasons why dogs, especially giants are dumped.

In reviewing all of the evaluation video plus notes and, the Vet records, I did not see any demonstration of behaviour that would warrant any label as being aggressive. She was not evaluated with other dogs and, I asked how was she when dogs past her kennel or she walked by other dogs and, was told there was no issues.

I had zero concerns re: her temperament in asking more questions and in reviewing the video plus notes over and over again. Many times, a home will say one thing to almost 'justify' why a dog is being surrendered. Yet, when those things are not the truth, dogs can and are put to sleep and, I am very grateful to the Shelter in reaching out to us as one of their rescue partners to aid this girl.

We committed to her as, we had a spot and, she was special needs and, she was the next in need of us. She is ONLY the 13th dog that BHRR has assisted in 2014. In 2013, we were able to assist 24 dogs.

Transport has been organized for Sunday November 16th.

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