On November 6th, I responded that yes, we would assist and, on November 7th, I received the following:

"hi Gwen well we went to the vets and now have his dhpp and rabies 1 yr. as well as a neg. hwt. he had a lyme test and was + but the vet did a urinalysis and it was high in protein, but she thinks that has a lot to do with how under weight he is poor baby only waded in at 103. about 50+ lb. underweight. she said it should be redone when he has more weight on him. i have all of the paper work and a copy of her notes as well as his heath papers. he was soooo good for the vet he even let her clip his toe nails , he was such a big boy and so good for everything. thank for doing this for this poor boy. he very lovely i can not wait for you to meet him. thanks"