BHRR's Ichabod Crane, the emaciated 5 month Great Dane puppy began his journey to BHRR around 8 am today!
I am leaving soon with Mason and we shall do the last leg together.
The puppy has put on 7 pounds so far and, has had runny stools yet, is doing much better today.
AND one of my own, fighting cancer that I had scheduled to cross over today is doing so much better and, so, we have more quality time with him. So more good news!
AND BHRR's Salma, the one and only HQD, who has been dropping weight, getting more wobbly bobbly with her own miracle fight with Cancer is also having one of the best days, from her last few days so, this is also wonderful news!
Today, I am feeling really really really blessed!
We hope everyone is having a safe, happy and always surrounded by loved ones, weekend!!