Below is a copy of the information that went out to the transport team re: this girl. Most transports do not see dogs as giant as this Great Dane/Mastiff and, she was being said to be 180 pounds yet, I did not feel that was accurate. She was scheduled to see the Vet on October 31st, to get her rabies, exam and health certificate in order. I called the Vet, gave them my credit card information and, asked them to ensure that a correct weight was taken.
I am also told that she has worms and fleas. That will be proactively treated upon arrival to BHRR with all of her other needs such a heartworm testing, monthly Revolution or Sentinel etc.
She will start her journey on Friday October 31st(we are getting her pulled, she is seeing the Vet and then overnighting with a wonderful Volunteer). She will then begin her drive to my neck of the woods and, I will drive to Prescott, Ontario to get her.

"I believe she may be the largest dog we've ever transported.  She was surrendered to the Spencer County shelter and was very frightened there.  She was starting to come out of her shell but will likely be traumatized by the transport experience.  Please be patient with her.  Move slowly and speak softly to her.  I have tried to assign her to a driver with a van so that it will be easier to get her in/out of vehicles.  I really don't want anyone getting a hernia, trying to lift her.  It might be wise to bring along some yummy treats if you are transporting her to try to lure her into (or out of) your vehicle.".