BHRR's Shiva came with me to PetSmart in Kanata Centrum last night to hang out with myself, Sir Maestro(our own new GD addition) and to interact/train and socialize with someone we met up with. FANTASTIC job BHRR's Shiva!!!! She knows her 'right' and 'left' turns, focus, walking nicely, sit, loved all people – adults – men, women, hats too and kids and dogs. While I 'trust' my dogs, I do not trust all the other dogs out there and so, always tell people to proceed with caution when introducing/integrating with strange dogs. BHRR's Shiva provided this person with an excellent opportunity to work on their 'inner voice of strength' such that it comes out with authority – not bellowing, not screaming, not in a punishment type of manner but authoriatitve. Natural leaders are what dogs need and respond to and the difference was demonstrated to this individual last night. If you give a dog a reason to trust and respect you without fear and negative punishment techniques, they will respond. How we handle ourselves in situations can really travel down to the dog and they will respond to such. We want calm, in control and leadership style of approach and handling in a positive manner and the dogs will just 'give you the world' with their trust and listening abilities. BHRR's Shiva at her training level was given the opportunity to make 'good choices' and knows the '3 time' rule very well and so, she is moved to the '2 time' rule! wink BHRR's Shiva's tail was wagging and she was very excited to be back at PetSmart as it has been a very long while since she has last been there. She became even more excited when I asked her if she wanted to go and pick out her own 'toy' or 'treatie!' BHRR's Shiva LOVED the homemade Liver Treats that two of our Volunteers make so kindly for the animals here once in a awhile and I could not be more proud of my Shiva 'DIVA' in how she proved herself yet a 'well rounded girl' again! Thank you so much to this person for meeting up with me in the rain and also in buying BHRR's Shiva her own special goodie item. BHRR's Shiva shall have another play date this upcoming Sunday for a few hours and this shall be another fantabulous oppportunity for all involved.