BHRR's Moncton ?? – October 15th, 2014

There is no easy way to make a post of this type and, my whole family plus the approved temp foster home(they had BHRR's Moncton since October 6th) are all reeling in shock right now.

The Vet Hospital that saw BHRR's Moncton has offered to do a necropsy for us. We hope that we can be given some closure. As they were trying to figure things out, he suddenly passed away as he was resting.

He had overcome so many medical obstacles and, was finally learning to trust and play with people and other dogs and, learn all about toys and, had the confidence to begin to sleep in our bedroom and ask for love AND, I cannot believe he is suddenly gone…..
His personality was really beginning to shine as he blossomed like a lovely flower from a previous life of neglect, cruelty and unkindness to, one of structure, obedience, consistency, patience, proper nutrition, exercise and, so much adoring love, not to mention a fabu Vet Team that included specialists.

There was even a home waiting so patiently in the wings to submit an application to adopt him when he was finally ready to be placed up for adoption.

He touched my life and heart incredibly so since I was first contacted about him on June 9th, 2014 and, he lived with us as a cherished member of our heart and home from June 17th to October 6th, when he was finally healthy in body and spirit to be temp fostered.

He almost floated when he moved, so calm and, an 'ol soul' type of boy and, gentle as can be unless he was in one of his spunky moods and, then 'bring it on' and, we were working on the 'must not try to chomp off Gwennie's arm or leg' or take her pant leg off! So many of my scrubs and, P.J's. bottoms have BHRR's Moncton's teeth marks or are missing a piece of material……..he could be so goofy when, he was caught up in the moment of living and, forgot about all those things that had made him such a serious boy….

He was even at PV Stittsville on October 5th as part of their 'THANKS FOR GIVING' Event and, was perfectly fine in health.
I am just reeling in stunned silence and, I already let Joy and Tammie know first thing this AM, a few hours after he had passed away…..
There are no words….nothing I can say or do is going to bring him back and, nothing I can say or do is going to answer all the questions I have and, make my heart stop bleeding….

He was so special…… amazing and what a beautiful monkey inside he truly was………

This photo was from his special professional photo shoot that Liz Bradley did for him on September 12th, 2014. A picture of gorgeous health and, head up in curiosity plus comfortableness in his environment……

I just cannot believe he is gone………RIP my stunning boy….I am so sorry…….so sorry……I did not even get a chance to say good-bye. 🙁 🙁

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