Another amazing day for the BHRR animals at PV's Stittsville 'THANKS FOR GIVING' Event
BHRR's Angel Noelle – October 5th, 2014
To the fabu team extraordinary staff at PV, thank you for making us feel like we were part of your family this past weekend! Thank you for inviting us back in 2014!
THANKS must be extended to all the great folks that came to visit us today and, for our Sunday Volunteers, supporters and fans that gave a helping hand with dogs and, talking up r/q Rescue, responsible dog ownership AND, to all those that expressed their biggest plus deepest thanks to the Ottawa plus surrounding area Great Dane plus Giant Breed Rescue that continues to work so hard since our inception in 1996 filling a GIANT need!
We keep saying that we are nothing without our village/community and ONCE again, you have proven that we can keep going strong with you by our sides recommending BHRR to shelters, pounds, rescues and homes needing much needed assistance with their Giants, supporting us with kindness of words, and, hugs of caring and, donations from finances to materials much needed that includes cleaning supplies and dog beds and lifesaving food!
Thank you to the Maracle Family for hanging with us on Sunday and, Sarah Dowler for those extra hands when needed and, to Andrea McCoy, my husband Sean Birch Haven, daughter Kinsley AND, to all of our Visitors that included Miss Trinity from PVAR and, she brought along Tanya MacAllister & Tracy to hang also for a wee bit.
Marg McIlree was so lovely to see you for a bit!
Regan, Kelly, Emily, Breanne Jacklin, Melissa Gingras-Lepage you really are outstanding!
Ashley of AMB Photography, what a doll you continue to be! So thankful that you are part of our lives!
Two more photo's of BHRR's Angel Noelle! She seems to love the PV Stittsville front desk as, we have another blog post of her in being spoiled at their front desk from many months ago! Thank you to Andrea who was her 'handler' for part of the day and, then to the Maracle Family for doing such a superb job with her! She is such a dream dog!

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