BHRR's Flint with 'Lisa', a 12 week old kitten from OHS that arrived while we were at PV Stittsville
October 4th, 2014
She was fascinated by BHRR's Flint!!!! She kept batting his face and, jumping over to see him……is this the face of a 'vicious, fear aggressive dog? 😉 He saw almost a hundred people on Saturday AND, no problems or issues with humans of all shapes and sizes and ages NOR with dogs and, here is the proof that he is amazing with cats! 😀 His fan club continues to grow and, we all remain patient for that right matched forever loving home to find him and, to realise that 'he' is a fabu dog! He goes out to as many community education events as possible for we have zero concerns! He is a very solid and happy, healthy and wonderful Neo! 🙂
AND, he had a FANTASTIC time with the 40 guests we had last Saturday September 27th at our 7th ANNUAL BHRR 'DINE WITH THE DOGGIES' Event at our home.
We are back at PV Stittsville again TODAY and, hope to see many of our friends and, meet new faces!
We are microchipping, doing nails, have photography, merchandise for sale and, BHRR's Porridge, BHRR's Angel Noelle AND, BHRR's Moncton shall be present!
This is ONLY our 3rd public appearance in 2014 for community awareness and, we only out one more time for 2014, and, that is in November!
The weather looks glorious and, thanks to ALL that came to visit yesterday plus for the extra hands, Bruce J. Moquin, Margaret Aris, Aaron & your gorgeous daughter AND, Ashley Beland, Breanne Jacklin, Regan, Melissa Gingras-Lepage AND, all the rest of the amazing staff at PV for making our day so wonderful!
We had lots of incredible visitors and, made many new friends AND, "Fergus" the woflie and his mom have signed up to join our walking/hiking group! Please EMAIL if you want to join our GD & 'GIANT AT HEART' hiking/walking group of over 250 members! We have been around almost 19 years now! 🙂
Excited for what today holds! There is at least one home coming out to visit BHRR"s Moncton that is interested in possibly submitting an application for him when he is ready to be placed up for adoption also!

THANKS to everyone for a beautiful Saturday once again!

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