BHRR’s Cosette’s Mom – Nomination #8 For Global Pet Foods Heoric Heart

Gwen tirelessly works with giant breed dogs. She is just amazing in her work rehabilitating and finding the right matched homes for these wonderful creatures. Once a dog arrives at Birch Haven they are given everything they need including palliative care if that is what is necessary. Gwen is meticulous in making sure her dogs are placed in the perfect home. I have been fortunate to have one of these Birch Haven dogs. She has been with me a year and a half and came so well trained and mannered. This was a skinny dog who lived in a one room apartment and then abandoned at a shelter. Today she thrives and did so as soon as Gwen worked her magic. She is one of the good people out there. It is all about the dogs. I have participated in having special dates with a wonderful dog who could not be saved but had the best last few months being loved and knowing people care. Gwen took her on dates to visit people and other dogs, she received so much love and she flourished. It was wonderful to see and be a part of. It is not about being popular it is about doing what is right for the dogs and Gwen is a miracle worker.