Some days in rescue are just not 'good' ones….some are great and some are less than good….
Today, has been a really bad day and, this is the first of three posts I will be making….
I am so sad to say that 'Hubert' the brain injured neuro puppy is no longer coming to us.
I had sent a follow-up email to confirm the date of October 11th and, that we had an approved Volunteer wonderfully offer to help with transport – thanks again Bruce! – and, I received a response earlier this afternoon that the place he was at was working on transport to send him to THS this week.
Unbeknown to myself, I was not aware that once we had committed(and, we worked round the clock to find a spot at BHRR for him as, we knew he was a real special needs & had suspected behavioural issues possibly related to his neuro sitaution), they were still looking for a place behind the scenes to take him sooner. In committing to take Hubert, that meant we could not assist another and a dog dies….that is a sad hard reality.
We support any r/q rescue assisting a dog in need, and, we have worked in the past with the THS yet, we were surprised to learn that a place was still be sought for him after we stepped up when contacted, and, I do honestly believe BHRR would have been a great rehab r/q rescue and choice for him….. My humble opinion.
Have to admit, was really looking forward to meeting him! I know others were too!
AND, even more reason why I am so happy that we did not take any donations for his care prior to his arrival to BHRR.
We will assist another dog as needed and, do our very best for him/her as always. Our program spots are always in high demand.
Please join me in saying Good luck Hubert!!