BHRR’s Frank came with me to work last night and weighed 44.6 KGs(98.12 pounds). He received a manicure/pedicure, was microchipped and had his last DAPP booster in addition to an exam and having presurgical bw done for his neuter. I have booked his neuter surgery for Monday October 4th, 2010 and should all go well, I believe that BHRR’s Frank shall be ready for adoption by the end of October 2010. I want quite a bit more time with him to best determine what home he would do best in yet right now, a home with at least one other dog for sure as he needs to become more in ‘tune’ with other dogs communication and not relying on BHRR’s Bean on that part and then being BHRR’s Bean’s crutch for Bean when it comes to ‘humans’. Frank is SOOOOOOOOOOOO social with humans and already better at coming out of his shell to be good about playing with the other dogs, yet BHRR’s Bean is still his main squeeze! He is still a bit unsure and reserved in instigating play with other dogs. IT is OK BHRR’s Frank….we will get there! They will not hurt you. Just as with his brother BHRR’s Bean, Frank is an awesome car traveller, did fantastic at KAH and was soooooooooo social with all. He lay upon his side as he received his DAPP booster just wagging his tail and doing his nails went great! His heart sounded great and his hips and joints were in excellent shape. Also, as with BHRR’s Bean, Frank has proven himself to not be 100% housebroken at this time and likes to go outside, pee a bit and then come in and find Sean’s shoes and finish the ‘job’. 😛 BHRR’s Frank likes to climb on my leather furniture and so we are working on that! Frank also likes to counter surf and that is another thing in progress with his training. I do wish to say that both boys are excelling at their obedience and they are walking beautifully already on flat collars. I had no issues loading them up into the car and then out and then into the Hospital and then returning home with both. Until they came to BHRR, they were on prong collars and I was also told tied up outside. I only brought one ‘drool’ towel with me tonight and I should have made it a bath towel! LOL I am sooooooo enjoying having these Saint boyz at BHRR!

BHRR’s Frank – September 18th, 2010 – Day of arrival to BHRR