BHRR’s Lily Belle is AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION again as I am taking off the ‘PENDING HOLD.’ It was discovered that during the adoption application process that this home that had applied to adopt BHRR’s Lily Belle is not doing any routine regular veterinary care on their own current almost 7 year old dog and has not had any vaccines since 2006(4 years ago) or is even doing any titer testing, has not had a any heartworm testing nor has their dog ever been on heartworm preventative in their life. The last time the Vets had even examined their dog was in September of 2008(2 years ago) and BHRR cannot be assurd that if the home is not doing regular, routine and what we believe necesesary proactive and preventative vet care on their current dog; that we are going to be comfortable/confident that they shall be with one of ours. BHRR works very hard to place not only per best matched personality fit yet also to homes that are online with what we believe to be in the best interest of the dog(s) re: nutrition, vet care, training and exercise. This is why we have a very thorough application process and one of our questions specifically surrounds regular plus routine vet care with the animals. This situation is a great example of how a ‘home’ can appear to be one way on paper yet in going through the process, it is determined that what has been put on the application is not what is in fact acutally happening. May Lily Belle’s right forever loving home come along soon yet in the meantime, she shall remain with us at BHRR living the ‘high’ life and I know she is going to soooooooooo enjoy two more Saint Bernard puppies coming in to be her playmates for she deeply misses her two best friends BHRR’s Moose and Frost. AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION AGAIN!