Back in September of 2010, I decided to add this running blog based upon the numerous emails, letters, stopped on the street discussions and phone calls I receive re: everything from nutrition, exercise, vetting and training of Giant Breeds to owning more than one, or littermates, how to find a reputable/quality Breeder or Rescue and the list goes on and on.

I also wish to utilize this blog for my 'comment thoughts' of the day and/or other 'impact' situations that arise such as 'deaf' or 'senior' or other 'special needs' experiences re: BHRR and the animals under our care or even my own. Feedback and comments from the public are always more than welcome.

Hoping that this blog will provide some really good indepth further community awareness / education plus to just share a common love of Giants AND/OR the Special Needs with others and to impart the knowledge, experience and professional plus personal views of myself who posseses almost 25 years in 'these trenches' of rescue, training, medical and behavoural rescue plus rehabilitation of the Giants/Equines with the focus on the Special Needs.

To learn more about myself, please visit my Biography Page.

The Gwennie! Comment of the Day:

'No animal is perfect….we can only make them as perfect as they can be'
-Remember behavour cannot be changed, only modified to make it the best behavour possible!