I have added a new picture to BHRR’s Koop’s slideshow #22 and it was taken on August 23rd, 2010. I measured him tonight and he was 34″ at the whithers. I need to get an updated weight on him! He is tall, lanky, lean and so muscled. AND his skin feels so silky smooth to the touch. In just a few days, he shall be turning 1 and so many find it hard to believe that he is still at BHRR. There was just a recent discussion about this on my FB wall and there has been many a comment in regards to what has come BHRR’s way in inquiries about Koop over this very topic. We receive quite a few inquires on BHRR’s Koop and often they follow these lines ‘I would be so interested in Koop if it were not for his eyes’. AND then when I respond back asking for them to elaborate; I am told that it is the ‘spacing’ between his eyes that makes them ‘freaked out’ and ‘scared.’ I am like “HALLO?” ‘HUH”? ‘What about his lovely eyes?’ Well, that just means that BHRR’s Koop is not meant for them and in fact, it means that NO BHRR animal is meant for them and we will not even entertain the idea of accepting an application once that has been brought to our attention. Just when one thinks they have ‘heard’ it all and I have been in these trenches almost 25 years now….OMG! Well, BHRR’s Koop, we love your eyes and your eye spacing is just fine and we remain patient of that right matched forever loving home to see you for WHO you are and when that day comes; we will be so joyous for you! His closest friends are my Bluez Boyz…the three muskateers of mishief makers! LOL He is soooooooooooo affectionate now and no longer that half wild creature that came to BHRR.

BHRR’s Koop and his WONDERFUL Eyes/Eye Spacing – August 23, 2010