SO, I have the Blue Great Dane Female now in my care. She is almost certainly(always that chance she is not!) a single breed very small Blue Great Dane, young ~ 1, a pretty young thing and, has terrible leash manners A bit skinny. Not too bad. AND, has serious human aggression fear issues right now.
In 26 years in these trenches, I have never had a hand-over as strained/stressful as hers was. 🙁 THANK you so much to the person I met on the transport for their help in moving her to my vehicle! 🙂 I always like to see the person who has the dog, do the handling as, the dog has been with them for that leg of their journey. 🙂
I had one that came close….yet, she is top of my list. The poor thing. I handle a LOT aggressive dogs via BHRR and my Client base.
I have a VIDEO below of her that Kinsley took not long after arrival…she really is strong and pulls and yanks and, is a very dominant girl. In the video, I had to pull her back, twice quite firmly as, she was yanking both leashes right through my hands/fingers.
It took almost 40 minutes to get her moved to my vehicle and, even, then, she did not want me in the car. We had to tethered her quite snugly.
I asked the transporter how was she on the rest of her legs to meet me for I had not received any updates and, as there were other dogs with her, she was fine. She was NOT fine when we met the transport. She was lunging with serious intent to cause harm, growling, barking and, at the same, time, she was not backing down with strong eye contact and full frontal presentation. She would take treats if tossed her way and, leashes really set her off.
It was an uneventful drive home……….
AND, with much calm patience, I was able to get her out of the car upon arrival home, YET, thank goodness it is my standard protocol to double leash each dog for she was not wearing a martingale upon transport and, the quick release buckle snapped with her pulling outside the car.
With more time and, continued patience and, understanding, I was able to get the quick release back on her and, into the house and, she is settling well into a crate for now.
She has shown equal aggression to Sean and Kinsley. She has been fairly 'fine' with Mason. He came on the transport with me.

She has time to chill and relax and settle in now. How dogs are in shelters/pounds and, even on transports is not necessarily how they are going to be 'normally'.

She is no wall flower that is for sure!!

We will put together the best rehab program for her to set her up for success and once, the honeymoon period is over, we will see the 'real' her…..

She is deserving of having this great opportunity of a future and, we are going to give her all our best.

BHRR's Comet VIDEO July 12th, 2014

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