BHRR's Groves – ADOPTED June 27th, 2014
Prior to our latest BHRR 'EXPERIENCE' Mini Open House, this home had contacted myself inquiring about BHRR's Groves and, how they have been reading about him after falling in love with his beautiful eyes a few weeks prior.
We invited them to our June 22nd, event and, they had the opportunity to visit with us, other BHRR Approved Volunteers plus Supporters and, to witness first hand what is done at BHRR AND, of course, VISIT with BHRR's Groves!
This boy is VERY VERY VERY special to so many of us and, named in wonderful honorable memory of an incredible lady ' Debbie Groves' and, she saved him after she had passed away….his amazing story is on his blog – read from the bottom up!
YUP! A few tears welled up over this right matched forever loving home adoption!

BHRR's Groovy Groves with Kinsley June 27th, 2014 @ KAH & With His new forever adoptive Mom below Kinsley/Groves photos.

June271 photo 3
photo 1 photo 2