BHRR’s Apollo is having another session with me at Canine Water Wellness tomorrow and we are still looking for some extra BHRR Approved Volunteers to help him get to more sessions as this is his ‘last’ resort as part of the huge team of specialists, vets etc. that we have on board to try and get his mind working to use that leg and I just do not want to even contemplate that it might need to be amputated. šŸ˜„ Apollo is also in need of the following:

Ā Life and Assist Dog Harness – $54.95USD – Size Large

The additional dates that I am seeking for a Volunteer to assist with taking Apollo to more CWW sessions(and NO, you do not have to get into the water yourself!) are:

August 14th
August 17th
August 20th
August 21st
August 23rd
AugustĀ  28th

Please email Gwen if you could assist myself in getting Apollo to as many extra CWW sessions as possible!