BHRR’s Albert is now taking treats from my hand while he is not even in his crate (though he will take them to his crate to eat in private) and he now has the routine down pact in regards to bedtime such that if he does not get his special treatie on ‘time’; he spins round and round in his crate and emits a ‘sound’ just for me! LOL AND if I am not fast enough, well, boy, he just almost comes out of his skin his body is so shaking with anticipation for his yummy treatie! He is chewing his smoked dino and knuckle bones very contentedly in his crate when we are all around not just myself! Baby steps! Baby steps! He is now coming out for a quick bit of loving while the TV is on yet then will prefer to lay in his open crate yet the success is there and it gives me great joy to see him becoming more and more outgoing plus happy. The biggest obstacle is having him do this while others are here though as he still just ‘shuts down’ and will go lay in his crate quietly. I have just discussed with Sean again that we need to get a short video clip of him running and zipping and zooming outside for people to actually see how well he has been coming along. So many find his pictures hard to believe with how amazing his hind end is now yet I want people to really ‘see’ Albert and past the scars and small stature and poor crop and really really really ‘see’ Albert for the truly magnificent boy he is by not just seeing pictures or in laying in his crate. I want people to see him in action!