BHRR's Aslan – ADOPTED June 12th, 2014
So, many came together to help save this boy and, each time I, think about
how miraculous he was to still be alive to come into BHRR, my heart just soars…(he was dumped at a very high kill shelter and, we did not have room when first asked and, when we did have room a few weeks later, I contacted the shelter, thinking that I was most likely going to hear he had been pts, yet, they saved him hoping that we would have a spot soon! They saw that he had that much potential!). He was to arrive in November and, then had to be quarantined at the shelter and did not get to us to December 7th, 2013. He went up for adoption January 21, 2014 and began to be temp fostered, February 20th, 2014 and, the rest is history!
AND, they were right. So, thank you Rose! Thank you Cheryl for contacting BHRR and, then helping me get the legs of the transport together plus filled AND, thank you to all that gave of their time and gas to get him closer to BHRR. Jenn Dingle, thank you again for your part in helping to transport him!
Thank you to his temp foster mom/dad, Bruce J. Moquin & Holly Surman for doing such a great job building upon the strong foundation created at BHRR. Thank you for being such amazing foster parents and, supporting BHRR. Each dog you have temp fostered for us, has just thrived. BHRR is better and stronger, because of your belief in what we do here!
Thank you to his new forever loving adoptive family, for opening up your heart and home to a BHRR dog in need of one to call their very own AND CONGRATULATIONS!
Thank you SO much Holly for doing this home visit with me also! 🙂
***It was so lovely to have seen BHRR's Aslan in May and overnight and, then again tonight. It really touched me to see how excited he was to see me and, yup, inside I had a tear or two welling up with how happy I am for him!!! I will miss you, yet, you are on to a wonderful new chapter in your life!**