Before going to bed, I was looking over at BHRR’s Porridge and I was thinking….’hmmmm, you look taller…again….’ AND I took his measurement for no matter if it is almost 4 AM right now, I just had to know and Porridge now stands just under 41″. He is almost as tall as the tallest Dane I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and that was my RIP beloved Frost ‘T‘, at a very small smidge under 41″ at the whithers. Porridge was standing next to my Multi CH. BIG BLUE, who is hanging around 38″ himself and was thinking that BIG Blue looked almost short next to Porridge!!! AND one of the biggest things I wish to stress on this blog is that this is not NORMAL for a Great Dane and it is NOT good for their joints, backs etc. In almost 25 years of working and owning Giant Breeds; I have only met three this tall as in over 40″ at the whithers; my Frost ‘T‘, Porridge and a GD owned by a Volunteer of BHRR. That is a lot of Giant Breeds; thousands between all that BHRR does, has done and those that I have trained or being consulted on behavoural matters, showed and that we have owned. While I think that the ‘average’ for Great Dane height has increased over these many past years; to have a Dane that tall; not only are they at a high risk of joint and back issues, yet one loses rear angles which affects drive from the hind end and movement too.