BHRR’s Moose was weighed today and his weight ws 61.7 KGS(135.74 pounds). HE looks great! Nice and lean and full of muscle. With very minimal effort, we drew his blood(could not get a good vein in the hind leg, which is not that common and he also possesses quite the small veins there) for his HWT and under a very mild sedation; had his manicure plus pedicure. He walked in the Hospital much more relaxed than he did the last time he came in and wagged his tail and enjoyed the love he received. He was wary yet open and receptive and was a superb boy when I went to weight him. He was a bit detached after we gave him the quick reversal and unsure, yet I took him outside for a pee and to stretch his legs and he was feeling much more normal and himself. I will bring him back a few more times over the next while just to have ‘good’ Hospital experiences and his new home will have to understand the importance of Moose having these great experiences so that he is more comfortable in Animal Hospitals which also makes it easier on him when staff need to do procedures such as exams and also easier on the staff too with the being able to handle him. I was very proud of Moose today AND I was also very proud of his truck manners as he only attempted once to climb into the front seat and I had Ms SB(spray bottle) resting there and he quickly changed his mind and settled wonderfully on the back seat.