So, we are no further ahead with BHRR’s Apollo and getting him to use that leg.  😥   We have done harnesses, weights, acupuncture, massage, T-Touch in addition to so many other things some of what is listed in his one other blog and we still cannot get him to shift his weight to use that leg. If we cannot get this resolved in Apollo’s head that he can use that leg; at some point there will be no possibility of saving it and we will have to amputate it. It has become habitual for him. At this time, I contacted Canine Water Wellness in the east end of Ottawa and discussed the use of their underwater treadmill etc. and I have an appointment set up on Thursday August 5th to bring BHRR’s Apollo in to see them. I am hoping that with the addition of Canine Water Wellness to my team, we shall get this sorted out for Apollo. Even after almost 25 years, I still see some new things and Apollo has become a big puzzle to all of us at BHRR and his current team of Specialists plus Vets that I have onboard trying to get him to use that leg. Even in my attempts to do hydrotherapy in our pool as we do as part of our regular rehab programs for animals in the summertime, Apollo refuses to use that leg. I am a bit worried about his leg at this time. It shall be one month on August 2nd since his surgery and as I told the Vets within a few days after his surgery; I saw the ‘pattern’ that he was not going to use that leg and that has become more truth than ever right now. His bills are going to be very costly coming up as from my discussions, sometimes it can take at least 7 sessions before seeing even a small improvement and should there be any extra funds left over from what we are hoping to raise with BHRR’s Ava Marie’s ONLINE Auction; we are hoping that the public might be in support of utilizing those funds towards BHRR’s Apollo and his future impending Bills. Please think of Apollo for I do not wish to have to amputate that leg. 😥 He also shall not be placed up for adoption until such time as we have Apollo where we feel comfortable that he is ready.