BHRR’s Lily Belle was a GIGANTIC hit at our 3rd Annual BHRR Microchip/Nail Trim & BBQ Fundraiser on Sunday July 18th! I have added a photo to her slideshow from that day and also put it below. She proved to be a really well behaved girl and there were quite a few smitten with her! I took the opportunity wherever I could to explain about just HOW much grooming it takes to keep Lily Belle looking and smelling as lovely as she does!!! We took her weight that day and she weighed 48.4KGS(106.48 pounds). She was 99.22 pounds when I first weighed her in May and therefore, she has only put on 7.26 pounds since then. I had to re-weigh her twice as I thought she would be more than that. She is in a nice ribby body condition yet I would like to see her in not quite so thin still. She is eating three meals a day still and eating very well now and I would like to see her closer to 110-112 pounds at this time.

BHRR’s Lily Belle – July 18th, 2010 – BHRR Fundraiser
*Photo courtesy of A. Bennett