BHRR's Aslan has his special picnic date on Saturday May 24th, and, below are some photo's courtesy of the extremely lovely family that had him for the day! AND, a bit of a blurb about their time with him!

I met up with his foster dad after he had his date and, mentioned to his foster dad what an absolutely wonderful job they were doing with him and, to just cut down his food slightly to get him less plump. He has been garnering some interest this past week and, we remain patient for that right matched forever loving home to find him!

Thank you for bringing Aslan by today.  We had a great visit.  As promised here are a few pics. I’ll send a few more in another email.  
He was a bit anxious after you dropped him off, but we brought him out to the backyard and he was distracted by his mission to pee on all of the plants (and BBQ) 🙂  He had one moment where he was a bit nervous when Andrew came down stairs after his shower, but after about 2 seconds he was fine.  We took him for a few walks today and he had fun sniffing around the neighbourhood and making a few new friends. He was a really good boy and a lot of fun to have for the day.  
Thanks again, Katy & Andrew

IMG_0932 (Medium) IMG_0926 (Medium)BHRR's Aslan May 24th

IMG_0889 (Medium) IMG_0925 (Medium)