BHRR's Angel Noelle had her special picnic date on Wednesday May 21st! 🙂 A lovely time was had by all! Below are some photo's of her and some words from the home. I had sent them an email in the afternoon just to touch base and, see how things were going. 🙂 Thank you SO much for giving her this wonderful positive experience. She was still very worried when I left yet, settled faster this time than, her first time without me and, with three children and, another dog(close in age) to play with this time around, she did so well!!! She was over the moon ecstatic to see me and, I missed her too BUT, she does not need me any longer and, hoping that her right matched forever loving home shall find her soon. 🙂 If not, we remain patient.

I did explain to the home that when BHRR's Noelle settles in, she is a lot less quiet and loves to play and interact. 😉 Photo's are courtesy of the home – Cherie M. Thank you!

"Actually, it is going really well.  My girls really love Angel Noelle.  Her tail is finally up and wagging!  🙂  (when she first got here, it was a little wag and tight to her bum)  Right now, the pups are outside.  Angel Noelle seems to be keeping X calm!!  🙂  At one point, I think X was jealous with all the attention Angel Noelle, so X flopped down in the hallway and gave a big sigh.  Angel Noelle went over and touch noses with her.  (like to say "what's wrong?")  Very cute. We are having such a great time.  She is such a lovely dog and so quiet!"

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