Sean and I have spent much time thinking and discussing about what we believe to be in BHRR’s Albert’s best interest and we feel very strongly that he should be part of our BHRR’s Haven Program at least for now. He has attached himself to me and trusts me and every day, he gives me a tiny bit more of himself and to see him around complete strangers where he just ‘freezes’ and goes catatonic; we do not desire to see him go backwards and the possibility is very real that he could completely withdrawal into himself such as when he first arrived here as he would be so confused and lost and could well believe that he was abandoned once more. I try not to project on him any more ‘human’ emotions than he is capable of feeling yet he is a very feeling sort of boy and almost every person that has visited us be it at a BHRR Mini Open House etc. truly does not believe he even has legs for he wants to lay in his safe spot in his crate and pretend that the whole world of humans does not exist. He is that terrified of people that he completely shuts down. BUT, he has gotten better….he will sometimes now ‘poke’ his head out and do a quick peek and then run back to his crate and even this past weekend, he came out a bit here and there while we had 7 kids over as part of Mason’s Birthday Celebrations. Yet, when no one is around other than us and especially around myself as I am here so very much; he is now zipping and zooming and tripping me and jumping and being playful(and I keep telling Sean we need to to take a video!). He is happy here. He is content here. He is having fun here. He feels safe here. While we push his boundaries, we know his limits and they have grown so much and we will continue to work with him and bring him into the land of the living yet I do not desire to see him go back or even retreat further than when he even arrived at BHRR should we put him up for adoption too soon. The layers this boy has in depth, I am only just scratching the surface with him. AND the biggest reality is that with the way he is, so many just pass him by when they visit BHRR(it is so wrong in my humble opinion), not even noticing him BUT he notices them and it is going to take a really special home to really ‘see’ Albert and see just how special he is!!!!! IS that home out there, for sure, yet at least for now, we have moved Albert to our Haven Program and the emphasis remains on the no pressure, no undue stress on him and no expectations other than continuing to show him how much pleasure life can give him, bringing him out of this ‘survival’ shell he had to put himself in, gaining his trust and then perhaps in time, we might re-consider placing him up for adoption. So many do not understand him and I am still learning about him and him about I and I am going to do things ‘right’ for Albert and for now, that means, being part of our Haven program. We have moved many a dog into our Haven Program, such as BHRR’s Lil Linus and then when they were ready; moved them to ‘available’ and placed up for adoption and they have been adopted. Maybe that is in Albert’s future and maybe it is not and maybe he is meant to continue making me be quick on my feet so that he cannot ‘trip’ me as he races and runs and jumps all around me in his sheer happiness in living in the AMs when he gets up and in seeing me. May that day come whereby he will learn to trust others yet I know that day is a long way off and we are going to work on Albert’s schedule with minor tweaking to continue to reach further and further to move forward, step by step. We will continue to update his blogs and add photos and he is so loved by all here and I know that those that have become fans of him like us only want what is important and right for Albert too!