BHRR's Chanel is NOW AVAILABLE FOR ADOPTION!!! I was waiting for a day that was not so rainy so, that we could take some wonderful new utd photo's! AND, I was not disappointed by the wait!!! Absolutely incredible photo's of both of the BHRR Purse Puppies were taken.

I would like to see her in a home that will continue to work with her as she is blind. She has excelled with scent plus touch training not to mention her listening skills. 🙂 She is a busy active feisty wee 'giant'! Sean continues to say that, if we did not have our own dogs, that she would be one that he really would love to have. THAT speaks volumes. I almost worry about her as she is such a big risk taker, no fear and, she would do wonderfully in obedience, or other active mentally stimulating activities. Physical activities, as long as they are adjusted to her visual impairment, is a thumbs up also! She needs a 'job'. She is a wonderful and delightful handful as I am known to say and, on the higher end of maintenance. 😀

She is a girl with a mind and no telling her that she should be slowing down! She can still 'test' me with the leash manners BUT, you want to see a stop, turn and recall on a dime motion, well, that is here. She can be in the 3+ fenced in acreage and, one single call and, she is BOOM! On her way back to me and, planting herself for a very solid 'sit' at my feet! THUMBS up BHRR's Purse Puppy! 🙂

She has developed this very high almost 'shriek' when she is over the top excited and oh, lord, thank goodness, it does not go 'off' too often!!! cheekyShe is crate trained, housebroken and, great with dogs of all sizes and people. She has also proven reliable outside of a crate yet, not recommended for any forever loving home to do that until she earns that trust for freedom. Her one weakness seems to be rugs with threads that she and her brother, BHRR's Coach can 'unravel'…. She is excellent in the car.

Who one thing remains is that she loves to be around you, touching you sometimes yet, DOES NOT like to be restrained for anything…nails, bw etc., makes her a wiggle worm monster. She has come a long way yet, still it is almost all hands on deck to do what we need to do. She is not aggressive, she is just not wanting to do anything like that unless it is on 'her' terms.

She is affectionate, loyal, sweet and, like several of the dogs that we have been blessed to have at BHRR she does nothing half measure. It is all in or nothing for this gem! I love that about her. Lack of eyesight does not hinder her at all. She is one of the most fearless dogs I know. As soon as she is comfortable, she is off and going. Does not take her too long to warm up in strange situations and, then, it is go, go and go.

She sleeps like a log at night and, please do not tell her yet, she does do some soft snorting in her sleep! I would like to see her in a home with at least one other right matched personality fit dog, male or female is not what is important. That best fit is what matters the most. She likes her friends.

If you can win over this young lady's heart, she will give you her soul and, work on giving you the stars plus moon. This is the kind of dog that, seriously would lay down her life for you. Without hesitation if she felt she had to. It humbles me immensely to think, I have earned that kind of trust from her.

I have photo's of her and her brother in a 'pointer' stance and, they both definitely love to 'stalk' and retrieve. I have been 'saved' from many a toy and blanket thanks to their diligence in making sure that they were snatched away from me just at the point of me being comfortable. LOL One, never knows when a blanket or toy may cause me serious harm as I sit on a couch. They will 'tag' team and, I have a photo of both of them on the stalking prowl on the lawn. They 'prey' was Mason!

She can go to a home with older children, a home that works from home pt, semi-retired, retired, a home that works ft in or out of the home…once, again, another very versatile BHRR dog.

When it is her turn to be adopted, gosh, she is going to leave a massive hole in our home and in Sean's heart…….

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BHRR's Coco Chanel – May 13th, 2014