One more sleepie and BHRR's Reese is off to spend three nights back with her potential future adoptive home AND, if that goes well, to stay. 🙂

Below are some photo's of BHRR's Reese enjoying the outside on our front brick deck as I was pressuring washing it to keep getting rid of all that spring thaw/mud away. ISN'T she beautiful??!! So inspirational!!!

I just love her shiny healthy glossy coat AND, that she has her head up high, confident and comfortable! 🙂 Just how she has always met the world, head on yet, she is now relaxed and, happy for she knows how to to communicate and she, knows that she will be 'heard' and 'listened' to and, so she is not withdrawn the way she once was. She is not shutdown the way she once was. She is not OCD the way she once was. She is that feisty and spunky girl with some 'tude!

She is still battling the hygroma from her slip at this home yet, with proper continued management, it will heal fine.

It is BBBBB time for I see BHRR's Ethel, BHRR's Abby & BHRR's Jersey also! 🙂

photo 2 photo 1
BHRR's Reese with my almost 10 year old Cherokee & BHRR's Reese with BBBBB's! May 8th, 2014