We had a couple come to our BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE” Mini Open House this past Saturday to visit with us and the Danes under our program plus to meet many others that are seeking to support BHRR or current adopters and/or Volunteers of BHRR. It is so important for us to have people see first hand what they are looking into supporting and to visit with not just us but all the animals and other people that are involved or looking in becoming involved with BHRR. They were originally interested in either BHRR’s Shiva, BHRR’s Mindy or BHRR’s Dana and I am so happy they were able to make the trip and it turns out that they would like to be considered for BHRR’s Mindy. Their original interest was in a black female Great Dane and BHRR has three of those lovely beauties! So………..at this time I am putting BHRR’s Mindy under PENDING ADOPTION’ and shall not be taking any more inquiries or applications on BHRR’s Mindy until we determine if BHRR’s Mindy will or will not be adopted to this possible BHRR approved home. As for BHRR’s Shiva – she was not quite her normal amazing sweet self after her recent experience which was most unfortunate and as for BHRR’s Dana – she is truly not meant for a first time dog home the michievous wonderful MONKEY she is and/or first time Great Dane owner home plus also resorted back to some ‘excite’ jumping including once on myself on Saturday and so, I am also content at this time to consider BHRR’s Mindy for this home. They have been made aware that she is not a young puppy and also has her ‘interpersonal’ space preferences the regal queen she is and please keep BHRR’s Mindy in your thoughts!