Late last night, I received an email that stated the following about Moose who had been a foster home of ? before BHRR was contacted to possibly step up to assist. Not sure if it was an approved home from an Ohio organization, pound or group yet this is very distressing to have read the below. BHRR was also not contacted so that we could approve medical treatment and I have been unable to reach anyone at CC.:

“Moose, the St. Bernard, was delivered to Dr. Libby at Creature Comforts in Lancaster today and seemed overly agitated and nervous. Libby received a call late this afternoon from the woman who fostered Moose for the last few days, saying that she “forgot” to mention that Moose had been staying in her garage and broke some glass and cut himself somewhere. Libby inspected him and found multiple wounds on the underside of his feet. Libby warns that Moose does not like to be restrained and his feet should not be touched, even if they start to bleed. If he won’t voluntarily get into and out of vehicles, he will not be able to make the trip tomorrow because Libby says that, because of his injuries, he will try to bite, if pushed. So, Sherrill, please send along a report or call me when you go to Creature Comforts in the morning to pick him up, so we can get the word out whether he’ll be on the transport.”

Update: June 26th – 12:18 PM: I still have not been able to reach anyone at CC to find out the exact situation and so many are quite disturbed by all that has happened to Moose. BHRR should have been contacted to approve and discuss treatment plus his exact situation. I did receive the following email sent at  9:17 AM today:

“Moose is making the trip and is doing fine.”

Update: June 26th – 12:23 PM: I received a vm from someone(will have to listen to it again as there was a lot of static) and I am unable to make out most of what was being said in regards to his transport as she was on her cell phone. Yet, I did pick up that  Moose was really social and great with all people, very understandably stressed, was able to walk yet I could not understand what was being said in regards to any dog to dog interactions or travelling. I also heard that the person that was temp fostering him for whichever place before BHRR was contacted to step up to assist that she was an approved Club member of some group in Ohio and had been used many times before and that all are very much concerned plus angry that she would have kept Moose in the garage and that he had access to things that could and did hurt him AND that she just dropped him off at CC and did not disclose anything about his medical condition. Apparently, she called CC around 8 PM last night to ‘reveal’ some information. At this time, I do not even know how long he has been injured.  😥 When I have a moment, I will listen to the vm again for today is our BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House and we are expecting many registered attendees within the half hour.

Update: June 26th – 12:29 PM: I just received the following email update sent at 12:23 PM.

“Moose rode wonderfully on the back seat of Sherri’s car, with his head in her lap most of the way. He seems to do better if not tightly restrained, and in a position where he can lie down and not be able to see the cars on the highway.”

Update: June 26th – 7:42 PM: Email sent at 5:58 PM today.

“Moose continues to be a good boy, but with a mind of his own. But not a mean bone in his body.”