I pulled BHRR’s Shiva out of her temp foster home last night and she was so happy to see me and to come back to BHRR. Pulling her was not because Shiva might have done anything wrong for she most certainly had not done anything wrong. Humans are the ones that set themselves and the dogs up for failure and we try to work hard with all of our temp, perma-foster and adoptive homes and it is in Shiva’s best interest to come back to BHRR per several of the reasons posted in her last blog. We also work so very hard to be here 24/7 and as a resource to be tapped into for all of those that have one of our animals in their home. Shiva is so well mannered, with a strong obedience background and is such a lovely Great Dane and so many of the dogs here missed her very much! She is healing very slowly from her injuries and we will get there. She is young, healthy and strong and she most enjoyed having my 7 year old daughter ‘tuck’ her in all these blankets on a fluffy dog bed!!!! It still makes our hearts sink to think that she could have been killed June 22nd while at her temp foster home yet she is alive and she will heal in time. In driving home, she barked several times like she had done upon her first arrival to BHRR yet within moments of being positively corrected, she settled down and there was not any more fuss or sounds and she very calmly looked out the window or did some napping on our way back home. Amazing how fast some behavours can be resorted too without the proper reinforcement being done and thank goodness for such a strong background foundation she had at BHRR for it did not take too much to have her being the Shiva we know and love. We will take more trips out and about to reinforce the modified behavour we have been doing since her original surrender to BHRR and had been successful and as our next BHRR ‘EXPERIENCE’ Mini Open House is this weekend, we will have a prime opportunity to use it as a refresher for her on appropriate behavour if needed. We want success stories and we want Shiva to have her own by being adopted to a forever loving home and we want her to be the best dog she can be when that time comes and we cannot have her resorting back to things like barking when she first arrived at BHRR. We need to move forward not backward. WELCOME back to BHRR Shiva!!! We missed you. 🙂