BHRR's Groves went on a short play date visit for a few days with approved BHRR's Volunteers! Our visitation program is a HUGE hit at BHRR and I stand by how important it is to our BHRR "CHAIN OF SUCCESS' for every dog to keep them being the best dogs they can be. To contribute to them being more well balanced and balanced also.

This is from his play date home when I touched base on the 29th to see how things were going:

"It's going we'll!  He's a real cutie!  🙂 We see now about the resourcing….but I think we've worked it out.  😉 "

Below are two photo's from a community education and public awareness event that we attended at PV Stittsville 'THANKS FOR GIVING'
He was so popular!

02 03
BHRR's Groves – October 13th, 2013