On October 1st, I received the following:

"Hi Gwen,

Hope all is well.
Well, I was at the X to clear out Debbies locker and gather her belongings.  What a wonderful privilege.  As usual, she left things organized and it did not take long to put her things together.  The shelter has changed.  Someone said they saw her there coming up the ramp.  I believe her.
I had no intentions of networking today, maybe never BUT I am making this exception because if I know Deb, she would say to contact you.
This little fellow is quite big for his age.  3.5 months, sterilized and vaccinated.  Very sweet and polite.  They put cane corso on the file but that is not a cane in my opinion.  I could be wrong…I say Neo X Dane – what do you think…
Give me your thoughts.
Best to you,"


I responded back that yes, we would commit to him.

I then received the following:

"He is ready anytime.  Everything is done.  I can actually feel Debbies magic". 

I have decided to call him BHRR's Groves' to honor the woman who saved him in death. BHRR's Flint was the last one to come our way in her life and BHRR's Groves is the first she has saved in her death. If it were not for the people saying they saw Debbie(passed away of a sudden brain aneurysm) on the ramp and, that she was looking for Joy…this boy would not have been saved…..