BHRR's Reese is now back from her latest playdate with her potential future adoptive home. It went fabu well! 🙂

Below is a photo from the home. ISN'T it precious?

At this time, the home is pretty much 100% certain in that this is meant to be. However, as their next two weekends are going to be super busy for them, the next plan of action that we are all in agreement is: around May 9th – Date to be confirmed, BHRR's Reese shall go for another play visit – this time three overnights and, if things are going as great as, we have worked to set-up things up to be, she shall just stay and be adopted. 🙂

I thank them for their continued honesty and candor re: everything going on in their home/lives and, also, have deepest respect that they are equally wanting to ensure that this is right for BHRR's Reese also! 🙂

We will touch base over those three days and, go from there.

Patience between all parties is really doing the right thing by BHRR's Reese and the home.

Her blog will be updated as we can!

2014-04-22_23 02 26
BHRR's Reese – April 2014
*photo courtesy of her possible future adoptive home