BHRR’s Apollo’s presurgical bw came back normal and it was faxed over to LAH. We do understand that times are tough for everyone and we are eternally grateful to those that have donated to date for his upcoming TPLO surgery. We continue to stay positive that perhaps more angels might come forward to help us and THANKS so much to those that have emailed and phoned us sending him their best wishes! Apollo reminds me so much of BHRR’s Mr. Parker Paws for he can just ‘nail’ you with those feet of his and such long reaching legs he has! LOL AND the double whammy is that he will get you with both feet at the same time!!!! To those that came out to our PHASE II Fencing for the BHRR animals this past weekend; they had the opportunity to meet the big goofy in person and get smacked by that happy tail and feet! 😛 His charming personality won all over and he was feeling so good; he actually was out and exploring the newly fenced in area and had some energy and spring in his step! The most active he has really been since his arrival and we quickly stepped in to get him to slow down. DO not need any more damage to be done to that leg of his. 😥 Such a nice boy and he was soooooooooooo affectionate to everyone!

*Goal – Raise another $405 more by Friday June 25th to put down a ‘goodwill’ deposit – Tentative Date of Surgery June 25, 2010