BHRR's Torque has been having a good play date visit and, the home is still very interested in proceeding to a possible future approved adoption. At this point, they will be temp fostering to possibly adopt as we work through the application process. I know Mr. Bubbles misses his bud as does many of the other doggies here yet, BHRR's Torque is no longer in need of us and, if there is a great home looking for a great matched personality fit dog and, we have that right great dog(this is the one that I had recommended to the home to consider), then, we are delighted should an adoption occur.

Will continue to update his blog as I can.

Below are two more photo's of him at the PV PAWS event! HE was a massive hit!!! My lap is where he finally had a nap. He was so tired yet, until he was all snuggled in my lap and arms, he did not let go to sleep. My legs made a great pillow for cuddles by P. Cody too! LOL

photo 4 10177456_10152090352656958_1718417997338432347_n
BHRR's Torque & BHRR's Torque with P. Cody  Aoril 13th, 2014 – second photo is courtesy of AMB Photography