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‘MARMADUKE’ Movie Effect – Great Dane

Birch Haven Rescue & Rehabilitation Services(BHRR) urges everyone that might be considering to add a Great Dane to their home to read the following blog. A Great Dane is not the breed for everyone.


PLEASE note that not every Breeder nor Rescue are created equal by being of high reputable/quality standards. ONLY support reputable/quality Rescues when adopting or if you are going to buy; purchase your dog ONLY from a reputable/quality Breeder. Reputable/Quality Show Breeders breed to not only preserve the Great Dane standard yet they are constantly working hard at improving their own lines. Those pillars of the Great Dane Standard for breeding are Conformation and Temperament plus the added pillars required are Health testing and breeding for Longevity. Equally important is breeding per the Colour Code set out by the Great Dane Club of America.

Great Dane Club of America – Colour Code

Great Dane Colours & Information:



The BHRR Team