BHRR's Leroy's HWT is negative and his bw is normal…no sign of any underlying medical concern for his weight to be the way it is and, thankfully, no anemia due to be so emaciated right now. So, his weight loss/body condition is very sadly due to inadequate care.

We will take care of that!

He came to the PV Event today and did really well. He did have a tendency to want to pull one of our lovely BHRR approved Volunteers all around and, mannerisms 101 and boot camp shall continue. He did great will all people yet, one big and tall man scared him. He also had a tendency to want to resource slightly when another dog got to close to BHRR's Angel Noelle…interesting. He would lip curl a bit and, so he was positively corrected and, really enjoyed hanging out in the truck with all windows down 'supervising' Sean BBQing! The people that made the trip to hang around the truck, feed him treats and love on him was so special, while they ate their own yummy BBQ meals! HE was another HUGE HUGE HUGE hit! He thrived on all the loving MEANT for him!

One of the families that came to visit, currently own a Dane and, they are very interested in him and, shall follow his blog. 🙂 His story really impacted many and, I continue to have to say 'I do not know' in regards to when his tail was docked and, why…..happy tails do sometimes need amputation or a tail injury yet, he had his tail in the original photo's and, now does not.

I also cannot explain why he is so emaciated upon arrive to BHRR when those original photo's from the shelter show him in quite good body condition.

All we can do is move forward and the photographer today GOT some awesome photo's of him!! One I just have to have with him being 'King' in the truck like a regal boy! 🙂