I have brought BHRR’s Apollo in with me today to have his hind end, especially his left side/knee looked at. As of last night, he was even more stiff on that side and after standing for a period of time, would lift his toes up off the ground. This has been a gradual and slow decline since his arrival on May 17th until Thursday night whereby, he really seemed to become much worse so much faster. His weight was a ribby 63.5 KGs (139.7 pounds). I would like to see another 10-15 pounds of weight/muscle on this boy at this age. We sedated him(cocktail of Dormitor/Torb) to do X-Rays of his hip, stifle, knee and hock after the Vet did an exam on him. When he was under the Vet examined both legs again and the suspicion is that he might have HOD, OCD or a partial ACL tear. He definitely was showing some signs of pain/discomfort upon deep manipulation of that left knee. HE was so good for me while I held him. I keep reviewing the time that has passed since he arrived to BHRR and as explained to the Vet, he is past the settling in time with being quiet etc. and that I began to become more than somewhat concerned when he was continuing to be a bit slow on getting up and down and how things have progressed. I had put him on Deramaxx 100 mg (1.5 – 2 tabs SID) without any significant improvement and said that I just was not going to wait any longer as of Thursday night when things became really noticeable. I felt the waiting/monitoring period was more than over and time to get him in. The Vet assured me that it was a good protocol on the monitoring and Deramaxx and then making the decision when I did to bring him in. Once we have time to review the digital X-Rays, we shall have a better idea. While he was in la la land, his nails were done and he just LOVED everyone and everyone has loved him!!! What a ham. What has caused the most giggles is people seeing him drink from one of our sinks at the Hospital! On the drive into the hospital, he was so snuggly. He just nestled his head into my rib cage and blew warm air all over me as I drove! LOL I will update his blog as I can.