Last Thursday, I brought in blood to do a HWT on Apollo. As I had not heard back, I did called KAH today and it was negative. I also followed up with his previous owner in regards to his microchip for I had also not heard back. I was then cc’d onto an email with the person that this home purchased him from. It appears he was microchipped in Barrhaven. From the sounds of things, he has moved around a bit as I picked him up from my area; I was told this home bought him from the Smith Falls area who had been living in the Nepean area and was originally purchased from a Breeder in the Montreal area and his microchip was done at an animal hospital in Barrhaven(Ottawa Area). I often wish animals could speak to tell us their story. Once I have the microchip properly handled; after some more evaluation time, BHRR’s Apollo can be placed up for adoption. He is one BIG sweet ol’ GOOBER! AND he really really really loves the fenced in area. He will spend hours just laying or strolling a bit in the area enjoying himself. He is an interesting mix for he loves his play time while laying down yet he can also be a bit of a ‘loner’ and spends his share of quality time by himself just watching those pretty clouds float on by. He truly is one mellow, calm and fairly confident boy. I would like to see him eat better and more for he is still thin. With a death in the family last week plus Ava Marie’s surgery; I did not get the opportunity to do his nails as of yet to see how he handles things and that is on this weeks agenda. I have had no issues with him sharing or grumping in his crate any longer. He is quite mindful of the rules here. High value items continue to be given to him as it is with many of the dogs here; in his crate and he cannot get enough of the soccer balls here! LOL I say ‘bring me your toy’ and he will get one of the soccer balls and bring it back to me to play!!!! I can handle his food without any issues as can Sean and he takes treats quite gently. Right now, he is flaked out in the sunroom with PPSS, Potterman and BHRR’s Albert. He is still not overly fond of my two bluez show boyz and we are working on that. I do not expect all dogs to like all other dogs yet I do expect a certain level of appropriate behavour to be displayed in my home/at BHRR and we are getting there. He is not overtly aggressive towards them and that is really positive. As mentioned previously, he was recently neutered himself and it will be some time before his own hormones are at an ‘altered’ state. I know that I would like to see him in a home with at least one other dog; female preferred yet a neutered male would be ok. He is living in absolute harmony here in our home with 19 other dogs. He has loved every human to date that he has met and even has shown no prey or play drive to the two guinea pigs my son owns.  His new home shall need to be sure that he continues to know that ‘sharing’ is good and that he should ‘wait’ his turn if another dog is drinking etc. We shall continue to expect him to share water bowls, dog beds etc. here. He also has had no more issues with resourcing over myself. He knows he shall get a piece of the ‘Gwennie’ just like all the others and he is most content in knowing that he is not going to be left out! SMART boy! He also knows he has ‘size’ and he likes to try and use it sometimes, the big lug with those ‘body’ bumps and leans!