I wanted to post a photo of BHRR’s Hailey from late last fall that I LOVE! She is doing well. She is now 6.5 years young and, fantastically affectionate with a glossy black coat that is admired by many! She still receives her regular cartrophen injections like a trooper and, loves holding down our kingsize bed!

The Vets have marveled that she has managed to keep that leg to date and, some days are a bit ‘off’ for her yet, overall, WOW! WOW!

She is what I call a very stately lady and, as with all the BBBBB’s here, we continue to be patient that her right matched home will see her for ‘who’ she is and, not some common black colour or a Dane that has battled some leg problems.

BHRR’s Hailey – Late Fall 2013