BHRR’s Lily Belle arrived safely on Sunday and HUGE thanks being extended again to all that were involved with her rescue and safe transport to meet Sean in Kingston. I just wanted to post some more feedback given by others while she was enroute to BHRR. I have also added photos #6 & #7 to her slideshow. I have also posted one photo below.

From Michy –
Of course, since I got to run around with Lily Belle (boy, it’s good she wasn’t in my car, she might have just found her way to my house!)…
What a pleasure these dogs were, all so sweet!

From Jen
To Gwen and all – thanks for letting me help with the dogs this week. I had the pleasure of Lily Bell and 3 others crossing the border. The border guard was so taken with her that he wrote down all your info Gwen – maybe a new home for her? Whatever the case – I know she will wind up in a good place. More lives saved – a good day all around – Peace and love – Jen in Buffalo 

From Margaret –
…..and of course, the lady of the hour, Lily Belle.

Thanks for the wonderful experience and the inspirational dogs!


From Michel –

she is such a sweet gentle dog……..she rode in the back of my echo, she was as big as the big seat!…….no complaints from her……….

BHRR’s Lily Belle – 8 months of age
*Photo courtesy of Merilee