Our Dobie Doll AKA BHRR Bambi is having her first overnight sleepover later today with her possible future adoptive home! 🙂 At BHRR, we will not rush anything, and, we want to set up our homes and our dogs for maximum success and, a transitional adoption is what is in the best interest of all involved. This girl is extremely bonded to me….Mason too 😉 and, baby steps! She is doing fabu though! When her possible adoptive home was here while I was away, they said they were pretty sure that BHRR's Reese remembered her and, as I did tell them before I left, I WAS sure she would! 🙂

Sean and Mason loved on her while I did her mani/pedi Sunday night and, I shall give her an extra special bath today prior to bringing her to work with me.

Below is a photo of her taken in March while I was away. I am so happy to be home and with my animals again….

BRRH 2014 March 039
BHRR's Reese – March 13th, 2014
*Photo courtesy of S. Dowler