BHRR's Torque was neutered today and he now weighs 37 KGs(81.40 pounds) at 6 months of age! 🙂 That is another 9.68 pounds since March 6th, that he has put on. 🙂 Another HUGE HUGE HUGE hit for all at KAH and sorry, while I tried to take photo's, they were blurry! 🙁

Everything went well and he is now at home, snuggled in and resting. AND, needing his 'Mama Gwennie'!

AND, the more he matures, I am suspecting possibly some Cane Corso in him with that gorgeous look yet, I also suspect that with BHRR's Groves and, there are not a lot of DNA tests out there that have that breed reliably covered in their database. He is what he is and, 100% adorable!