Just before I fall into bed for a few(it is almost 2 AM right now), I wanted to post the best of things! When I got home with Tain a couple of hours ago(Tain has been away for a week+); Barkley was sooooooooooo excited to see his buddy that he stood up that right ear of his! YAY! He was so happy and comfortable that he stood it up. This is great news. Before Barkley’s surrender to BHRR; it had been some time since I had seen him at KAH; yet I remembered that he could stand the right ear. I also remember the many talks of encouragement I had tried to give his owners to keep taping that left ear when he was younger yet this is who Barkley is and I know that the right forever matched home will love him whether one stands, both or none. I was just so thrilled to see that he was comfortable enough to just be alert and excited and SOOOOOOOOOOOO interested in seeing his good bud Tain come home! This is such a huge positive step for Barkley!!!! I am also putting Barkley under a PENDING ADOPTION at this time. We shall not be accepting any more applications until such time as we can best determine if this is or is not the right matched home for him.