On Tuesday March 4th, BHRR’s Coach was in for his Rabies and a recheck on his Heart. On Tuesday March 4th, BHRR’s Purse Puppy’s Coach weight was 14.9 KGs(37.78 pounds)! Since his arrival into Rescue, he has put on 34.28 pounds! :) In just 14 weeks! :)

We did x-rays on March 5th (the next day I brought him back) and, he has a slight right atrium enlargement. Labs are prone to atrial issues and chances are he is not the only puppy in this litter of 12 affected with a congenital condition(IF this is what he has). He was scheduled for a cardiac u/s for March 5th. Below are his x-rays from March 5th.  The ECG results  results were to be in within 24 hours and, I have not yet heard anything, yet, when I had BHRR’s Porridge at KAH yesterday, I looked up his file and printed of a copy of his results and shall post that in a separate blog.

It is possible that this heart condition is exasperated by the belief that these puppies(possibly mom also) had a toxin exposure. As it is believed to be congenital, it can explain that despite several full and detailed exams up to 16 weeks of age, this heart concern was not noted and did not manifest itself. As of March 5th, 2014, he has had five exams at BHRR alone.

Three of those exams have now shown a heart irregularity. This may also explain why he has always been more quiet than his three sisters YET, on the other hand, he is a boy and those three are girls. 😉

He also does head bobbing and some head tremors when he sits of moves. The Vet Vet also noted this on March 4th and the 5th.

Here are the details of the Vet’s documentation from BHRR’s Coach’s x-rays:
“The heart looks wide with a bulge at the 8-11 o’clock position. The vertebral heart score is increased at 11.5. There is a mild generalized interstitial lung pattern. The pulmonary vasculature to the caudal lung lobes is somewhat obscured by a pulmonary interstitial pattern. Right atrial/ventricular enlargement. Suspicious for Tricuspid Valve Dysplasia.”

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