BHRR’s Rose and BHRR’s Petal our Flower Girls’ had a play date on Sunday March 2nd, for 5 hours with the home that shall be temp fostering/loving on them for the next while.

I am always so proud to see the progress that dogs that came in so terrified plus shutdown become with positive and proper rehabilitation. 🙂 They loved the fenced in yard and ran and played and zipped and, needless to say, they got along with the other dogs’ there well too! 😉

As of March 4th, 2014, they will be temp fostered and, this is going to be such a great experience for them!!!! 🙂 AND, as always, I am going to miss them.

Below are two photo’s of BHRR’s Petal(you can see BHRR’s Rose in the background) on the drive home on March 2nd, 2014!

Both are still very patiently waiting, AS are we for their right matched forever loving homes to find them!