BHRR’s Dana is going to be going on an adventure for about 5+ weeks! She is going to be temp fostered, beginning Friday April 23rd to about Friday May 28th. This will be really great for her. Change of environment and continued exposure to things and a different home and having more people meet her and see what a great dog she is! She is going to go to a home that lost one of their own Danes recently and their current Dane is suffering from depression, losing a lot of weight and while they are bringing in a new show GD addition, that new addition is not expected to arrive until the end of May. We well understand what it is like to lose animals and how it can and does affect the other animals in our home and we believe it shall be a huge win win situation all around for their home and for BHRR’s Dana! BHRR’s Dana will definitely keep their current Dane occupied and busy and on his toes! LOL She should bring many smiles to this home too. The home already let me know that they bought Dana her own bed, lead and food bowl as a special contribution donation to her care and welbeing! I am going to miss my “Alvin”! LOL BHRR can always use more wonderful approved Volunteer/Temp Foster and Perma Foster homes!