BHRR's Reese had her first 'solo' play date on Friday February 21st. She weighed 18.2 KGs(40.04 pounds) @ 10 months of age. Yes, a nicely petitie Dobi-Doll AKD Bambi-Baby! The Vet that saw her one day after her arrival to BHRR last July was able to see her again on Friday and, thinks she looks marvelous and is so impressed with how much progress she has made at BHRR! 🙂 She really is an inspirational girl!!!

Below, is a photo of her play date/visit and a write-up from the home. 🙂 The next step of this possible gradual transitional adoption is a sleep-over.

I also showed the home how BHRR's Reese knows words like 'door' and, what she does when you say that word to her. This is ONE very smart dog! She travel wonderfully in the car. You just have to make sure that the wheel wells in the back seat are filled up with blankets or dog beds, so she does not fall into them .

BHRR’s Reese’s Solo Visit

So after a 2 hour drive where BHRR’s Reese slept calmly in the car, we pulled in the driveway.  Now I had to put the logistics that I had been pondering on the way into action.  I left BHRR’s Reese in the car for a few moments and got my dogs organized so they weren’t all waiting to mob her as she entered- 2 in the bedroom and 1 out to start.

I carried her up the front steps although I knew she could do them because the rain had left everything pretty slippery underfoot and set her down inside the door.  Off she went re-familiarizing herself with the house.  Without Gwen, she was a little more nervous for longer than the last 2 visits and, of course, this was the point that I realized that I hadn't fully paid attention to how Gwen calms her down!!  What I did know is that it was by reassuring her by touch so between that and the rope toys to play with she settled in.

After some time playing and exploring, BHRR’s Reese settled on the dog bed with my youngest son and a cover and took a little nap.

The one thing was that was a little different without Gwen was that she seemed to pace the house a little more but not in a nervous way.  On reflection, I wonder if she was looking for her……

My dogs still have not quite got her figured out yet- one seems to get it, when BHRR’s Reese walks towards you step aside because she will walk into you.  My other female who is 11 can’t quite understand why she continuously enters her space and is a bit cranky with her.  My Male, for the most part, is fine because she is a girl but got a little worried when she tried to walk over him while he was lying on the dog bed.

After a very pleasant 4 hour visit, it was time to head back to Gwen and needless to say BHRR’s Reese was extremely happy to see her!! 

BHRR's Reese – February 21st, 2014