BHRR's Abby had her annual today and when, I picked her up from her temp foster home, her fostermom said, 'I think she is a tad bid porky'. She was right! 😉 BHRR's Abby is no longer uber skinny for sure…she had put on over 30 pounds of muscle mass/weight since she first arrived in our BHRR program, and has put on 5 of these pounds since she was placed in her really thumbs up approved temp foster home! She is now 117.70 pounds(53.5 KGs) and really needs to lose a good 5-7 pounds.

Thank you to her temp foster family for taking such great care of her! She had her vaccines updated today, a repeat HWT and we took some plaque/tartar of her teeth(AMAZING DOG!) and, on the left side of her mouth, she has a very old old old crack….that happened long before she came to BHRR. Something, that while she is with us at BHRR, should it need any attention, we shall fix yet, it is not bothering her and she eats(apparently really well!). Yet, we want any prospective approved adoptive home that finds her, to be aware of this one tooth and, that it 'could' require attention in the future.

She had a great day at KAH and do not let the age of 5 fool you! This is one playful and full of character GD when she wants to be. She has perfect leash manners now and her house manners are heaven and to do nails, OMG! She would rival BHRR's Storm(The best ever dog we have had to do nails!) in a pinch. She is so delightful to do her nails. AND, how great her nails now look. The backs ones especially. 🙂

She likes to sit on you and 'bat' you with her one paw.

We cannot believe that she is still with us, yet, she is another BBBBB that remains very patient in waiting for that right matched forever loving home to find her.

Below are two of her December 24th, pictures from our traditional XMAS Eve Photo shoot! 🙂 LOVE her frosting! It has now spread down her front legs. The masking gene is a beautiful thing on Danes! 🙂

I must emphasize again that she cannot go into a home with cats. She proved once again, that she is not reliable with cats. We have a picture of a cat on the wall in one of the exam rooms and she immediately 'knew' it was there and she was fixated and extremely interested in that 'cat'. Some animals notice the picture, most do not and BHRR's Abby most certainly did! She also was very interested in the almost 3 kg Pom that was at KAH.

She has come a long way in leaving our three gpiggers alone, yet, I would not trust her and, when Mason does his weekly clean on his crate, BHRR's Abby is in the masterbedroom, far away from them. Great dog, yet, no pocket pets for her!

IMG_3294 (Medium)IMG_3301 (Medium)
BHRR's Abby – December 24th, 2013